Stage Mandap & Mehndi Decor

Stage Mandap & Mehndi Decor

At Asian Wedding Services we want to ensure that the wedding stage or mandap is flawless and embodies the personality of the couple whilst also giving the guests something to look at astoundingly.


Asian Wedding Services offer a wide range of exclusive Asian wedding stages to hire in a huge choice of designs and concepts. We are particularly good at sourcing bespoke wedding stages for our clients. Our existing collection includes over 500 designer Asian wedding stage designs.

The decoration and design of the stage is a quintessential part of any wedding and we recognise that this aspect of the ceremony will have a mountain of importance placed upon it. Therefore, we will work tenaciously to create a theme which stimulates all the senses with colour, striking visual displays and even smells to match the theme.

Our expert designers and Asian wedding planners will create unique ideas for wedding stages. Our showroom stocks a range of designer stages, mandaps or pavilion settings with traditional and contemporary looks. The options are endless and can come complete with welcome gate, aisle way, lavish silk or embroidered backdrop(s), full chair/sofa sets, roman/marble/crystal pillars, decorative vases with fresh floral arrangements, carpets and lighting.

Asian Wedding Services have a diverse range of designer and royal pieces of ornate furniture such as maharaja thrones, sofa sets and armchairs decorated with embroidered cushions. This can be complemented with a selection of lavish, silk or embroidered backdrops plus Roman, Baroque, Crystal, Moghul, Jodha Akbar pillars, canopy pavilion settings with finishing touches added with gold or crystal vases and floral arrangements.

Whether it be a traditional event or a more contemporary event, Asian events can coordinate the perfectly themed décor that will enliven and astonish every guest attending the family wedding. As specialists in Asian wedding décor, our wedding stages and wedding backdrops are designed with you in mind so we can create and modify the wedding stage décor for it to be tailored to your specific needs.


Preserving cultural traditions are central to our company’s ethos for your Indian wedding. The ceremony with its rituals and religious significance is incredibly important (especially to older family members) and needs to be prepared with care and expertise.

Asian Wedding Services have a diverse range of Indian wedding mandaps to suit your tastes and requirements. From traditional and striking to chiffon-draped and luxurious, our mandaps are always of the highest quality, decorated with class and perfectly chosen for your Indian wedding. We also stock ample choice of welcome statues and Ganesh statues which adds the final touches to the mandap.

Mehndis and Sangeets
Asian Wedding Services encompass a wide portfolio of mehndi and sangeet stage selections for our clients. Each mehndi or sangeet stage will portray elegance, style and class. Our mehndi themes range from Moroccan, Arabic, Pakistani and Indian offerings. Setting the scene for the mehndi party includes themed backdrops, complemented with subtle lighting. This is further accommodated with mattresses, cushions and bolsters where guests can lounge and enjoy the dance themes for the evening.