Asian Wedding Services UK

Asian Wedding Services UK

Serving clients since 2000 fulfilling the dreams of our clients for weddings, mehndis and private family functions.

Asian Wedding Services purely focus on making your wedding experience a blissful experience. We are not only market leaders but the real trendsetters for Asian functions and events in Scotland and Nationwide. We provide bespoke themed wedding concepts for all types of Asian functions. Asian Wedding Services are your ONE STOP WEDDING PLANNERS.

Our full event management service alleviates any concerns you may have for your big day. Weddings can be a stressful upon families to accommodate all the planning elements and to deliver an ultimate memorable experience. With this in mind, Asian Wedding Services specialize in simplifying and customizing your experience, tailoring to your expectations and desires.

Asian Wedding Services specialize & cater for all background cultures and religions. We pride ourselves on having a very diverse clientele. We cover weddings and events for Pakistani, Indian, Sikhs, Arabic, South-East Asian and every combination possible. Our clients are a reflection of the cultural, ethnic and religious melting pot that encapsulates our multi cultural society.

As professional event planners, we will organize all services from venue hire, provide exquisite catering alongside our bespoke tailor-made decor arrangements. Asian Wedding Services will organize all finite details from entertainment, mehndi artists, photographers, favours and cars with the ultimate aim of delivering the highest standards of quality and service for the big day. This enables our clients to enjoy their special day with their family and guests.

We pride ourselves on listening to each client and tailoring our services to exactly what you will need from us.

It is our fine finishing touches, our meticulous attention to detail and our modern, trendy creativity that fashion the most spectacular urban weddings in unique settings. This is Asian Wedding Services. A team of specialist wedding planners, we bring adventure and excitement to the planning process. Asian Wedding Services designs, plans and delivers to your every expectation. With access to venues, our in house services offering catering, stage decor, florists, photographers, venue decor, equipment rentals, audio-visual effects and so much more, our capabilities are widespread and full-service. Limited only by your imagination, our wedding planners bring even the most complex, far-fetched concepts to life with exceptional accuracy and impressive quality. Asian Wedding Services is what takes your event from ordinary to extraordinary.